Palisades News Letters: Support a 2019 Legion Coin

We need your help. The American Legion Post 283 has been integral to Pacific Palisades since it was formed in 1928. Clifford Clearwater, one of the town’s founding fathers, was the first commander in 1929. 

The Post was largely responsible for getting a fire station in town, building the first post office, helping veterans receive the benefits they deserve, serving as a watchdog at the V.A. and promoting our youth through Boys and Girls State, the oratorical program, Legion baseball and numerous scholarships that are given to high school seniors annually. We also have supported the Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness.

The Post also started the first Palisades Fourth of July parade in 1948 as a loosely organized event, and in 1961 Commander Russell Olsen formalized it with bands and dignitaries. Although the Chamber of Commerce took over the event in 1965 and PAPA was formed in 1967, the Legion has continued to support the parade, with dignitaries and bands and generous annual donations to keep this great tradition going (this year we gave $35,000).

But, now we would like your help. The American Legion, the nation’s oldest veterans organization, will celebrate its 100th birthday in Paris in March 2019, and September 16, 2019, will mark the 100th anniversary of the organization’s charter.

Senate Bill 1182 will direct the U.S. Mint to create and mint a coin to commemorate this milestone anniversary.

California Senator Dianne Feinstein is already supporting the bill, but we need residents to write, email or call Senator Kamala Harris, asking her to support SB 1182, too. Visit: or call her L.A. office: (213) 894-5000.

There is some urgency because only two commemorative coins are authorized each year and one has already been awarded for 2019.

Thank you for your help.

Jere Romano
Post 283 Commander

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