Palisades News Letters: Thanks for Helping the ‘Pretty Blonde’

(Editor’s note: Nancy Klopper, who was honored with the Pride of the Palisades award for her part in helping the “Pretty Blonde,” received the following letter from the woman’s Scandinavian father. She read it when she received her award.)

“When you receive the honor, please bring to everyone who is listening a message from the mother, brother and father, that this honor is given to a person who brought a non-stopping work, seeking out details and small signs for bringing daylight on a greater picture.

“This person has saved a life, and brought back sun over a large family on the other side of the earth. It’s not possible to thank this person enough. A great thanks also to LAPD, to Veslemøy Zwart and to the lady (who I for the moment do not remember her name), who borrowed us her apartment, and to the whole team of angels who helped us through two months tough life in L.A.”

“Pretty Blonde’s Father”

The “Pretty Blonde” left behind a diary.
Photo: Nancy Klopper
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