Proposal to Take Away Downhill Temescal Lane

The downhill side of Temescal Canyon Road from Sunset Boulevard to Pacific Coast Highway will be downsized to one lane in order to accommodate a buffered bike lane, if Jessie Holzer’s plan goes through.

Holzer, Councilman Bonin’s mobility deputy, spoke to the Pacific Palisades Community Council (PPCC) on July 28 and explained that although there is a bike line on either side of Temescal Canyon Road, “We’re looking to upgrade our bike lanes and make them better.”

In addition to taking away a downhill traffic lane, she is also proposing a protected bike lane on the uphill side: the bike lane would be next to the curb, next a barrier and then car parking next to the moving vehicles.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 7.42.46 PM.png

Holzer said the Department of Transportation had counted 684 cars from 7 to 8 a.m., which is below the 700 count that would trigger a CEQA analysis.

She said DOT had looked at taking out parking along the road, but felt it was needed for beach goers. Also considered was taking out the middle lane, which is used as a turn lane. Instead, the decided solution was to take out a traffic lane.

Several people in the audience urged the lane to stay and said the real need was for a sign that allowed three lanes of traffic to turn off Temescal Canyon onto Pacific Coast Highway during rush hour.

Holzer was asked if the traffic count had been when Palisades High School (2,800 students) were in session. Holzer said she would find out. She was asked if the number of bikes using the road had been counted, but she did not know.

Area 4 Representative Rick Mills urged her to speak to Palisades High School because they work with the traffic congestion at Bowdoin and Temescal.

Area 6 Rep Stuart Muller suggested that a buffered bicycle lane be examined at some other site in the City, not here. (There are only three ways in and out of the Palisades and Temescal Canyon Road is one.)

PPCC Service Club Alternate Rep Kevin Niles asked about the food trucks that park along Temescal, and where people would stand— most likely in the bike lane.

One rep told Holzer, “Please do not do anything further without consulting the PPCC.”


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