Santa Claus Visits the Palisades (Video)

Photos by Shelby Pascoe

With lights flashing and sirens going, the Station 69 hook and ladder transported Santa and Mrs. Claus to Antioch Street last Friday evening, Dec. 1. 

The town’s Oom Pa Pa Band filled the air with joyful holiday music as Santa, the Mrs. and other dignitaries—including Miss Palisades Maude Tipton, Chamber of Commerce President Susan Payne and Honorary Mayor Kevin Neelon’s wife Susan and son Gable—descended to join the Chamber’s annual Ho!Ho!Ho! festivities.

Stars think they have it bad with paparazzi—but no, the number of photographs of Santa with kids Friday would shame the amount taken of even the most sought-after celebrity.

With nearly perfect weather and an almost full moon, the night was delightful. When one small child asked Santa how his reindeer were able to fly, the big man whispered “Magic.”

And on this night—and again on Christmas—people are believers in the hope and magic that Santa represents. Magic is indeed possible.

Many of the children carefully selected their outfits to meet Santa. One small child chose a red leotard—“Just for Santa,” her mother said—as the barefoot child sat in Santa’s lap. Others wore reindeer antlers or Santa hats.

Kids of all ages came to visit Santa Claus on Friday night.

One small child gave Santa a glow-in-the-dark necklace and then laughed when Santa feigned ignorance about how to put it on.

Another youngster asked that Santa take toys to all the children in the Children’s Hospital, and yet another asked for a unicorn. “Tough to find,” Santa admitted, but promised he could find a stuffed animal that could go on her bed.

Legos, hatchables and American Girl dolls were high on many wish lists, and there were a large number of requests for puppies this year.

“Did you talk to your parents about it?”

Santa asked. Most responded that they had.

What did you mom say?”

Many children seemed to believe that Santa was a higher power than a parent—and that even though mom didn’t think a puppy was a good idea—maybe Santa could prevail.

Kids of all ages came to visit Santa Claus on Friday night.

One girl asked, “Could my whole family be together for Christmas?” Santa asked, “Will they be?” “I think so,” she said. Problem solved.

Fancy Feet Dance Studio dancers performed, and there was cookie decorating, face painting, picture coloring, hot chocolate and popcorn.

The gathering was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce Club Sponsors Arete Preparatory Academy, Gibson International Realty, Hornburg Santa Monica and RLB Architecture.

Santa held court in a sleigh built by Tim Marschall, owner of TMC General Contractors in Pacific Palisades.

Kids of all ages came to visit Santa Claus on Friday night.
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