The Right Roof in Pacific Palisades is Important for Fire Safety

According to Cal Fire, roofs and exterior structures should be constructed of noncombustible or fire-resistant materials such as tile, slate, sheet iron, aluminum, brick, concrete tile or stone, specifically in high-fire hazard zones, such as Pacific Palisades.

If a resident has not upgraded to a Class A roof, this should be a homeowner’s first priority. California laws passed in the late 1990s require all new homes and all roof replacements in very high-fire hazard severity zones to be Class A.

Unfortunately, there are still homes in the Palisades that have wood shingles. Another problem some residents face is “roof edge” issues. Roofs that have many angles and intersections can accumulate debris, such as pine needles or leaves. This debris can be readily ignited by embers. Experts say it is important to keep your roof and gutters clean of debris to avoid ember ignition during a wildfire.

Roofs with wood shingles are still found in Pacific Palisades.
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