Time for Change: The Palisades News

By Scott Wagenseller
Owner and Publisher

The time has come to begin anew in Pacific Palisades. We stand on the threshold of significant changes in our town and we need a professional and trustworthy news source to keep us informed about important events and community developments. So with a fresh breeze of entrepreneurial spirit, the Palisades News will hit your mailbox twice-monthly.

The motivation for starting this newspaper comes from the community and my family. For the last nine months Sue Pascoe, Manfred Hofer, Bill Bruns and I worked on producing Post 283 News for the American Legion, and our efforts paid off with state and national awards. We were able to shine a light on a venerable institution that is a quiet cornerstone of the Palisades. It has been rewarding to bring attention to this vital organization that has stayed true to its pillars and its support of the community.

In fact, the community response and feedback has been overwhelming. Reaching every home in the Palisades, we have heard from Veterans and folks on the streets and in town. Our monthly newsletter is a familiar and reassuring reminder that we still have our historic identity built around the Palisades community we all know and love.

From my family, I could tell you that Ashley, my wife, is supportive, but there’s also the knowledge of my great-grandfather Hudson Wagenseller and his father, John, that inspires me. You see, they ran a publishing business just over 100 years ago in Philadelphia. In fact, their building was located at 31 S. Sixth St., on land now home to the Liberty Bell and the National Independence Historical Park. Additionally, a close cousin at the same time, George Wagenseller, was a publisher and owner of two community newspapers in neighboring Middleburgh, Pennsylvania. So I figure this endeavor is in my blood. How could I turn my back on my destiny?

Carrying on this family legacy, I am thankful to be able to call upon contemporary editors and writers with proven track records. Sue Pascoe will serve as Editor, supported by a strong team of writers, including Laurel Busby, Judy Silk, Brook Dougherty, Lynn Borland, Roger McGrath and others, to bring you news, features and editorial commentary that will provide ongoing insights into what makes the Palisades such a special place to live and work. Grace Hiney, the dean of Los Angeles restaurant critics, will keep you updated with local reviews; Jack Ross will score points with sports features, and our contributing photographers will include former New York Times ace Bart Bartholomew, community icon Rich Wilken and Shelby Pascoe. Jeff Ridgway and Grace Hiney are working with local businesses to provide advertising opportunities, while a team of folks will be posting a robust social media presence. And guiding us all with his knowledge of the town and journalistic experience will be advisor Bill Bruns.

Wagenseller Publishing is proud to produce and deliver a newspaper that offers in-depth community reporting. Our publication will strive to be ethical, balanced and thought-provoking. We promise not to shy away from controversial subjects, but will present them evenly and fairly. We welcome your letters and comments (spascoe@palisadesnews.com) as we move forward with this exciting venture.

(Scott Wagenseller is a USC alum and ‘88 graduate of Palisades High. He is founder and owner of Palisades Patrol/Gates Security, and currently serves as commander of American Legion Post 283. He grew up in Sullivan Canyon and now lives in Thousand Oaks with his wife, Ashley, and four children.)

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