State Beach Liquor Store on PCH Robbed, Owner Provides Suspect Footage

The owner of State Beach Liquor Store at 14801 Pacific Coast Highway, reported to police and the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office that on Aug. 1 his store was vandalized by four men, who additionally assaulted the owner and stole his cell phone.
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According to Afzal Chaudhry, four young men came into his store asking for cigarettes and beer. Upon asking for identification, the man got upset and did not want to show their driver’s licenses or identification. Chaudhry said he told the men to leave the store. Before leaving, they threw a bottle into his glass windows.
Chaudhry, who is also a board member of the Santa Monica Canyon Civic Association, went outside of his store to get the vehicle license plate number, and one of the men came out of the car, hit Chaudhry, took his cell phone and fled in a silver car. Chaudhry called 911 and police arrived in 20 minutes to take a report, he said. Chaudhry provided the surveillance video and pictures. He tell the News he is still waiting to hear back. Chaudhry seeks the public’s help in apprehending the suspects.
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