Another Quick Chat with PaliHi Football’s Coach Montz

Palisades High School Football Offensive Coordinator Rocky Montz said that on the bye week, the team has been working on basics. “We had 12 turnovers in the past two games, which makes it harder defensively,” Montz said. “With fumbles it’s about technique and we worked on that this week.”

He says Westchester and Venice will be their toughest games in league. “With Westchester, we want to avenge the loss from last year,” he said, and “Venice has won league so many years in a row, they’re always tough.”

As they go into league, the plan is to use some of their players, such as Cole Aragon, Ari Sallus and Baraka Beckett, both offensively and defensively.

Montz also had high praise for the sophomores that made the varsity.“They have great attitude and want to come out and play,” he said, noting it’s also about developing depth for each position, in case someone is injured. “We’re giving the young guys more repetitions, this is where they get really good.”

Photo: James Riley
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