Caruso Adds Third Level of Parking, Community Room to Development

Developer Rick Caruso announced last week that “we have decided to add an additional level of underground parking” to Caruso Affiliated’s Palisades Village development on Swarthmore and Sunset.

The third level will have 90 parking spaces, compared to combined 470 spaces on the first and second levels, and will alleviate neighborhood concerns that Caruso’s overall plans had not provided sufficient parking.

Caruso spokesperson Liz Jaeger wrote, “A concern we have heard from the community and Councilman Bonin’s office is whether our project will provide enough parking. We know there is currently a shortage of parking in the village and want to do our part as a member of the community.”

Additionally, Jaeger wrote, “We have heard from many representatives of local organizations that they don’t have a meeting venue and would appreciate it if we could create an onsite meeting location. Well, in response to that feedback, and at the urging of Councilman Bonin, the community room is officially back in the project!” The room will have seating for 125 people.

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