Council Drafts Opposition to Code Change

At last Thursday’s Pacific Palisades Community Council meeting, Civic League President Richard Blumenberg discussed the proposed code change for the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance and Baseline Hillside Ordinance (BMO/BHO), calling it “a complete disaster.”

The architect said that under the ordinance, a 5,200-sq.-ft. lot would limit a house size to 2,600-sq.-ft., rather than the current 3,120-sq.-ft., and a 10,000-sq.-ft. lot would allow a 4,500-sq.-ft. home, rather than the current 5,400-sq.-ft. home.

Not all residential properties in Pacific Palisades would be subject to the BMO/ BHO, if it is eventually adopted.

PPPC President Chris Spitz said her home and others in the Via Mesa neighborhood would be exempt under the proposed changes, but homes in the Alphabet Streets and other parts of town would be impacted. A resident can check about his/her property by going to

Residents from the Marquez area said they were working with Councilman Mike Bonin’s office. “We’re working to stop the overbuilding and to get rid of the McMansions,” one woman said.

Christian Martin wrote the News on May 27: “I don’t think it is in any way fair or equitable that many of us who have mini-mansions on both sides (like I and multiple other residents do) would potentially not have the right to build something similar or sell to someone who wants to build such a dwelling. That is as discriminatory as can be.”

Area 8 representative Reza Akef, a developer, presented the following motion opposing the BMO-BHO draft amendment. “As currently drafted, it fails to take into account the unique aspects and character of our community particularly with respect to design, grading and effect on property values.” The motion passed unanimously.

City Planning representatives will discuss the proposed amendments at 7 p.m. Thursday, June 2, in Gilbert Hall at Palisades High School. The public is invited. Contact: Coldwell Banker realtor Anne Russell, (310) 230-2400.

Comments on the draft amendment must be submitted by June 10 to Niall Huffman at A hearing before the City Planning Commission is expected on July 12. Visit:

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