Couples Win Rings from Palisades Jeweler David Tishbi

By Sue Pascoe

Six winning couples received free rings in the “Summer of Love” contest sponsored by local jewelry designer David Tishbi.

In July, the Via de la Paz store owner announced he would give away rings, with a manufacturer’s retail price of up to $500. All residents were invited to fill out a form detailing why they and their spouse or partner would like to win a new ring.

Longtime Palisadian Rosemary Kelly wrote on her application,“A diamond ring— my engagement ring! A future of married bliss. It was the first ring I had ever received, 55 years ago back in Rhodesia, given to me by one of the most handsome men I had ever met and he swept me off my feet.

Jeweler David Tishbi (third from right), with the winners of the Summer of Love rings (left to right) Frederick and Barbara Hill, Dan and Brenda Herron, and Bianca Torrence and John Johannessen.

“It slipped so easily on my then-slim finger and was admired by all. Now, sadly, with advancing years my knuckles have swollen with arthritis. The ring is sitting in a box like a lonely petunia in an onion patch. It would be such joy to put that little bit of sparkle back on my finger and reminisce on days of yore!”

Tishbi said, “It was heartwarming to read all the entries and it was gratifying to be able to fulfill their requests.”

In addition to Kelly (whose husband is Ned), one of the winning couples was Bianca Torrence and John Johannessen, who were recently engaged to be married. 

The winning rings were a first for Frederick and Barbara Hill, who were celebrat- ing 50 years of marriage and had never had rings.

Madeline Hyman asked for similar rings that she and her daughter Tessa could wear as a symbol of their mother-daughter bond.

Dan and Brenda Herron were happy to receive a ring, because Dan had lost his and it had never been replaced. Gail and Dan Didden were celebrating 54 years of marriage and the rings seemed like a nice way to mark their anniversary.

“We were so happy to host this contest, to meet the winners, and to give away new rings to them,” Tishbi said. “Our Summer of Love contest also reinforced our com- mitment to our customers, and our appreciation of the support that we have received from the community. We are grateful to be living and working in the Palisades.”

The winning couples celebrated at the store on August 19, which coincided with a birthday celebration for Tishbi. Refreshments from Thyme Café were served.

Tishbi has designed and sold jewelry for more than 20 years. Most of the jewelry that he carries in his shop is made in the United States, with the majority of the pieces made in Los Angeles.

He designs earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings—including wedding, anniversary, commitment and engagement rings—using recycled precious metals (white gold, yellow, gold, rose gold, silver and platinum). Many of his pieces are hand-hammered, and his jewelry incorporates only conflict-free gemstones.

Tishbi, who specializes in creating one-of-a-kind pieces for customers, is most well-known for his distinctive, award-winning spinner rings. These bands are made in different widths and in a variety of metals, and feature thin, concentric bands that move freely on top of the ring.

He and his wife Holly Surya (an interior designer and landscape designer) have three children and have lived in the Palisades since 2010. Their daughter, Eden, attends Palisades Elementary; their son, Eros, just graduated from Palisades Charter High School; and their older son, Rama, is a junior at UC Berkeley.

David Tishbi Jewelry is located at 859 Via de la Paz. For more information, visit

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