Daniel Edlen’s Vinyl Art on Display at Café Vida

Daniel Edlen’s vinyl art is on display at Café Vida, 15317 Antioch St, through July 3.

“My dad got me into vinyl,” said Edlen, who lives in Gilbert, Arizona. “I love everything about it, from the pops and clicks and the ritual of dropping the needle to the blue sticky stuff to weigh down the tone arm just right.”

23-daniel edlen art

As a teenager, Edlen spent time in art classes and in used record stores. He took a salvaged and beaten old Sgt. Pepper album and painted, the first of many.

Friends suggested he sell his work. “After a few group shows, word of mouth, and the growth of social media,it all started to come together,” Edlen said, who noted he painted pieces for the David Lynch Foundation auction and a VH1 gallery show.

“Something like 40 percent of vinyl be- ing bought never even gets played. There’s something about the tangibility of the memories, a physical thing, which lends it- selftoexpandingcollections,” he said.“My work fills a niche.”

Visit vinylart.info for more information.

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