Dining With Grace: Kay N’ Daves

Following an electrical fire in October, 2016, this popular Palisades Mexican eatery had to be closed down for repairs and remodeling, leaving many local diners upset. But hurrah! The restaurant has reopened with a liquor license that enables customers to order specialty drinks like margaritas, as well as beer and wine.

Right now, Kay ‘N Dave’s is accepting only walk-in diners, but soon it will take reservations, which will make us all happy, as the restaurant is very crowded at lunch and dinner and waits can be long. Hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

Kay N’ Daves had a soft re-opening in early March 2018. Credit: Bernice Fox

If a Mexican breakfast is your pleasure, there are delightful offerings such as the breakfast burrito of eggs, cheese, beans, guacamole and chicken ($10.50) and chorizo and eggs served with rice, beans and tortillas, ($11.50).

Lunch specials, served until 4 p.m., include a half-pound hamburger ($11), a taco salad or Santa Fe chopped chicken salad ($11), and Mexican specialties such as soup, salad and a taco or enchilada ($9.50).

If seafood is your choice, there’s the Baja fish burrito made of batter-fried whitefish, with rice, slaw, avocado and chipotle creama, along with a pomegranate citrus salad ($10.50), or a seared ahi taco ($10), or the blackened salmon taco ($9), each of which are served with the pomegranate citrus salad.

Aware of the dinner crowds, my friend Barbara and I decided to eat at 5:30. We started off with a treat: chicken in a crispy fried tortilla with mole sauce, and chicken and pork taquitos with guacamole. The mole, a rich dark reddish-brown sauce with its bit of Mexican chocolate, was thoroughly enticing. This was followed by a basket of freshly made, slightly warm tortilla chips.

The new menu is so large and varied that it took us several minutes to decide what we wanted. Listed are “favorites,” “combo plates,” “soups and salads,” “entrees,” “tostadas,” “burritos” and “quesadillas.” There are vegetarian dishes and kid’s plates (for those 12 and under).

Barbara decided that the blackened salmon was for her, while I wanted to try the Cochinita Pork Pibil, which I had never had before.

The grilled salmon was excellent. With it came red peppers, zucchini and squash and a delightful spinach salad ($21).

My pork had been oven-roasted, marinated and slow-cooked in banana leaves, making the pork inside the leaves a delicious treat. It was served with spicy pickled radish and Spanish rice ($18). The portion was large enough that I took some home to enjoy the next day. Tortillas were freshly made and accompanied everything.

Naturally, we had to sample a dessert, the mudslide, a rich chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Rich and delicious.

What makes this restaurant so inviting to Palisadians is that it is located right here in town, so you can eat a delightful meal without facing traffic. And you can take your friends, young children, grandparents and your spouse for a tasty meal without spending a fortune.

No wonder everyone is delighted to have Kay ‘N Dave’s reopened, especially now that you can also have a margarita with your meal. Welcome back!

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