Dixie Deadzone Diner Offers Free Food, But No Service in Temescal Canyon

Palisades residents walking along Temescal Canyon Road on Aug. 28 were able to enjoy a free breakfast at the Dixie Deadzone Diner. This impromptu eatery was set up near the playground, just north of PCH.

Thanks to sponsorship by Dixie (the paper products company), about 300 people ate muffins, croissants and breakfast burritos and enjoyed coffee and juice.

Two other locations were chosen for the pop-up diners in Los Angeles: The Vault at the Reserve Lofts downtown and Bronson Caves in Griffith Park.

Palisadians enjoyed free food in Temescal Canyon. Photo courtesy Dixie Consumer Products
Palisadians enjoyed free food in Temescal Canyon.
Photo courtesy Dixie Consumer Products

“These are all places with little or no cell signals, so people could enjoy their meals and each other’s company without the distraction of phones,” said Teresa Bossong, brand building leader for Dixie Consumer Products.

In order to identify “deadzones,” the company worked with a network monitoring service that analyzes mobile phone performances in markets across the country to help determine the locations of actual cellular dead zones. Waiters and waitresses wore shirts with the logo “Great Meal, No Service.”

“Temescal Canyon Park was a great setting and we were excited to see all of the people who came out just for our event and the meaningful, face-to-face conversations that took place,” Bossong said.

She praised the company’s advertising agency, Droga5, for helping to develop the idea and bring it to fruition.

“The diners are an extension of our ‘Be More Here’ campaign, which encourages people to connect with each other during mealtime and focus on the moments that matter most,” Bossong said.

Even though Dixie has no immediate plans for additional pop-up diners, “we are encouraging people everywhere to establish their own Deadzone Diners, whether it’s in their homes or in places with no cell signal where they can enjoy a meal without distractions,” Bossong said.

Recipes from the chef and “The Chew” co-host Carla Hall are on the Dixie website: Dixie.com/deadzonediners.

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