Driver Crashes into Telephone Pole, Arrested Near Vons in Pacific Palisades

By Sue Pascoe

A young male, described by Gates Security as in his early 20s, was arrested on Sunset Boulevard around 7 p.m. on Saturday, December 2, after his car hit a telephone pole near the former Jack in the Box, above Vons.

Initially, an ACS Security Guard noticed that he was driving his Bronco erratically down Palisades Drive and followed him.

The male made a right onto Sunset and drove a little further down the road, tried to make a turn and then hit a telephone pole. A Good Samaritan stopped to see if the driver was okay. The male, who was described as sweating and wearing no shirt, went after the man. Three ACS Security cars were at the scene and observed the incident, according to one bystander.  

Credit: Palisades Patrol

It was unclear who made the 911 call, but an off-duty sheriff was immediately on the scene as was Gates Security. The individual was described as dangerous and combative.

Gates personnel helped the sheriff handcuff the man and hold him until LAPD arrived. It was suspected that the male might have been under the influence of some drug. 

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