Editorial: Palisades News Launches Fourth Year

Dear Palisadians,

In this era of media consolidation and cutbacks, I’m proud that the Palisades News has completed three years of publication and is looking forward to a rousing 2018 in this community. Caruso’s Palisades Village will be opening and the News will be right in the heart of the action, writing about all the new businesses and providing an unrivaled advertising venue.

Led by founding editor Sue Pascoe, our newspaper is mailed free to every household in Pacific Palisades (26 issues a year) and parts of Brentwood. Going into our fourth year, I’m confident we have established ourselves as an entertaining and reliable voice within the community. Residents in every neighborhood tell us they look forward to reading each issue, and our advertisers know that their message is reaching an engaged audience.

The Palisades News is a community passion for talented and experienced writers who work with local leaders to report on the people, events and organizations that sustain the Palisades as a tight-knit community.

Scott Wagenseller

With so many residential and commercial real estate projects underway from PCH to Paul Revere, our reporters are busy researching the background and providing current details that inform our readers about a particular construction controversy. It’s nice to know the vision and the ongoing progress of projects that will define our town for years to come.

Meanwhile, as people move in and move on, the face of community organizations change and so do their priorities and role in the Palisades. Some organizations merge, others disband and some reinvent themselves to meet emerging ideas on what is important to their members. Our newspaper is an organization that brings insight and institutional knowledge like no other news source can, because most of our staffers and contributing writers have been a part of the community for decades. We have witnessed how the town has evolved and we enjoy recording its continuing history.

With our strong team of professional journalists, photographers, advertising representatives and conscientious contributors embedded in so many neighborhoods, organizations and businesses in the Palisades, we will continue to bring the inside story of how our town arrived and where we are going next as a community.

We enter our fourth year with great enthusiasm and confident expectations. I am particularly proud of the diligent, hard-charging and talented efforts by Editor Pascoe, and the inspired work by Graphics Director Manfred Hofer, who together design every page of every issue. They capitalize on our tabloid-size pages to produce a highly readable print newspaper in this digital age.

I also want to applaud the work of local resident Luke Fair, who replaced our founding advertising director, Jeff Ridgway, a year ago and has done an impressive job at retaining our original advertisers while bringing aboard many new supporters. He is joined by fellow account executive Grace Hiney, yet another longtime Palisadian on our staff.

This past year, we provided more robust sports coverage, and we greatly improved our online presence (via our website and our Facebook page), thanks to Matt Sanderson, our innovative digital media editor. In addition, we continued to establish our Southwest Room and Heard About Town pages as an open community forum for discussions and debates about important local issues. I encourage everyone to keep contributing Letters to the Editor and Viewpoints that focus on what is happening in our town.

Thank you, everybody, for your involvement and faith in our newspaper. I am proud to say we have done something magical for the Palisades, even in the face of great political turmoil nationwide and worldwide. We will prevail with your support!

Scott Wagenseller
Founder, Owner and Publisher

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