Fabbros Family Starts a Candle Business in Pacific Palisades

By Wendy Price Anderson
Special to the Palisades News

Mikaila and Jeaneen Fabbro have always been extremely close. Unlike some mothers and daughters, the two do everything together, including their new business—Beach House Creations by Mikaila, in which they make and sell candles.

“We decided to use Mikaila’s name because it sounds more earthy and serene,” Jeaneen said. “It just flows.”

The Pacific Palisades duo first learned how to craft candles about 12 years ago from a friend who owned a small candle business, using paraffin. When they opened Beach House Creations in March, they switched to coconut-soy wax because it is natural.

Each handles a different aspect of the business. Mikaila tracks the inventory and “I monitor the wax temperature, so we add the fragrance at precisely the right time. Our new blood-orange scent comes with a new signature recycled glass bead, handmade in Ghana, Africa.” Other scents include pear- pomegranate and cucumber and mint.

Jeaneen and Mikaila Fabbro display their candles. Photo: Wendy Price Anderson
Jeaneen and Mikaila Fabbro display their candles.
Photo: Wendy Price Anderson

Mikaila, who graduated from Marquez Elementary, Corpus Christi School and Louisville High School, manages the company’s social media on Etsy, the Knot, Houzz, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

In addition to home décor, the candles are also sold for use at weddings and other special events.

Jeaneen, who was a clothing designer before her daughter was born, loves creating and adding embellishments to the recycled containers. The coral, starfish and sand dollars on the candles are real.

“We go to the shows together,” said Jeaneen, who also serves as the bookkeeper.

“And we love talking to patrons.” They are regulars at the Sunday farmers market at Palisades High School.

Both look for interesting beads, shells and other adornments to add to the candles and create unusual pieces.

Mikaila, who played club volleyball under Gene Selznick and then at Pierce College, has stopped playing because of a back injury. This fall she will transfer to Cal State

L.A. to major in communications and pre-law, hoping to attend Loyola Law School. In the meantime, she said, “This business has been rewarding. “Making candles is a stress-free activity.”

When not making candles, Jeaneen is a bookkeeper by trade and works with several local organizations such as the Civic League, the Riviera Estates Homeowners Association and the Woman’s Club.

Since the time Mikaila was small, she and her mom have done arts and crafts together: making intricate Valentine’s Day cards, Ukrainian Easter eggs, handmade Christmas ornaments, and the two even admit to wearing matching clothes designed by Jeaneen.

Growing up, Mikaila worked after school in the Blue Cross Pet Hospital on La Cruz. Her job was to socialize homeless kittens.

“She socialized them right into our house,” Jeaneen said, “along with turtles, fish and a dog.”

One of Mikaila’s early inventions was a “catio” (cat-patio), allowing animals to stay outside with their owners, and not have to worry about coyotes.

In addition to continuing their candle business, the next Fabbro business adventure may be to market the “catio.”

Visit beachhousebymikaila.com or email beachhousebymikaila@gmail.com for more information. 

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