Gary Greene & Barristers Perform in Washington, D.C.

The Big Band of Barristers, who have donated their time in the past for a fundraiser for PAPA (Palisades Americanism Parade Association), traveled to Washington, D.C. recently, where they performed in the Great Hall of the Library of Congress.

The 18-member band, led by Gary Greene, played classics from the Golden Era of the Big Bands. The band’s members are all attorneys, judges or clerks. Green was asked once why these talented musicians went into law because many had attended conservatories or music school before turning to law. The answer given was universal: “I want to make a living.”

According to Library of Congress staff, a band of this size has not performed in the Great Hall in recent years. The building dates back to 1897. Its elaborate marble interior makes it one of the most magnificent buildings in Washington, D.C.

A look back at history shows that it was not uncommon for lawyers to engage in the arts. It was attorney Thomas Jefferson, for whom the building at the Library of Congress was named, who expressed his artistic talents as a violinist.

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