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Thank You, Rose Gilbert

Every time I swim in the pool at the high school, I offer up thanks to the generosity of Rose Gilbert, the late English teacher who made it all possible. It’s such a lovely pool and she didn’t need to donate her money, but she did. What if some other generous souls in the community did the same and helped build a new performing-arts complex at PaliHi?

Stolen Goods Are Sought

On September 1, I had a loaner car from Mercedes and parked behind the Women’s Club. I arrived about 7 a.m. for a meeting and when I came out around 8:45, the car had been opened and all my belonging were gone. I filed a police report and they told me that because the car was new, it was opened with an electronic device.

If you took my personal belongings, please return all the paperwork in the Bottega bag (work papers). Please return the photo of my 95-year-old mother. Do not try to use the Cartier clock because it has been reported stolen and has a serial number. Please leave the items in the Coldwell Banker parking lot, 15101 Sunset. No questions asked.

Revere’s Soccer Fields

The soccer fields at Paul Revere look terrible, like one big dust bowl. There is no grass. What happened?

(Editor’s note: For years, AYSO Region 69 seeded, fertilized and tended the fields in the offseason. For the past year they haven’t been allowed to do that.)

Holes in the Fences

At construction sites in New York, there are holes in the fences, so you can watch what is going on and see the progress. Why doesn’t Caruso cut a few holes in his fences so that we watch his construction? Don’t tell me it’s a safety issue because it’s not.

(Editor’s note: We reached out to Caruso spokesperson Liz Jaeger about the idea, but she had not yet responded by our deadline.)

Raccoon Release on Temescal

I was walking my dogs up Temescal Canyon on the east side of the road. About 500 yards ahead of me, I saw two guys, who were dressed like gardeners, jump out of a mini-SUV and pull out a cage. As I got closer, I saw them tip the cage, open it and a raccoon bolted towards the brush. I was so astounded I didn’t get a license plate or anything. The men jumped back in their vehicle, did a U-turn on Temescal and headed towards PCH. Nice to know the animal was unharmed, but is this lawful? Are people releasing other critters in Temescal?


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