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BBQ Grills on Temescal

On a Sunday, Temescal Canyon Park (north of PCH) was filled with people having picnics. At about four different sites people had brought grills along. I kept thinking, if the grills fall over, a fire could start and go straight up the canyon to the houses on the rim. I looked but there were no signs posted regarding fires. Does anyone know if it is illegal? If it’s not, how could we get signs posted?

Rattlesnake Sighting

I took my dog for a walk along the lower Temescal Canyon Trail on Sunday. About five feet in front of me I saw a long weird-looking lizard in the middle of the trail. Then I realized it wasn’t a lizard, but a four-foot rattlesnake. In all my years of hiking through the canyon, I’ve never seen a rattlesnake so close to Sunset. Just a warning to other dog walkers.

Parking Rates Going Up

Temescal Gateway Park (north of Sunset) is raising parking rates from $7 to $10 and they’ve installed a machine that takes credit cards. I asked the Park official, who was picking up envelopes with money from the old box, about the price increase and she said, “You got a problem with that?” Even if I did, I don’t think she really wanted my opinion.

Farmers Market

I heard that both the YMCA and the Methodist Church were approached about having the farmers market on Via de la Paz. They were worried about their members not having access to their buildings on Sunday. They were told that valets would be hired to take care of it. That has to be an all-time “only-in-the-Palisades” proposal—valets at a farmers market.

Library Movies

Once a month the Palisades Library hosts a free first-run movie in the community room. I’ve gone several times and really enjoyed it. Maybe what I enjoyed most was not having to drive to Santa Monica.

(Editor’s note: Until the Caruso theater opens, there will be lots of free movie opportunities in our town. On Saturday, July 9, it’s the Tina Fey movie about a journalist reporting from Afghanistan. At Will Rogers Park on July 30, Breakfast at Tiffany’s is showing—streetfoodcinema.com. In August, Movies in the Park will feature a new movie every Saturday night at dusk.)


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