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A Parking Suggestion

I read the letters in the paper (July 20) about parking issues in the Village over the next two years. Why not allow all the people who work in the Village and now park in the Swarthmore lot to park on both sides of Pampas Ricas in both directions? (I realize certain Huntington homeowners might object, but couldn’t they be persuaded to be civic-minded until the new parking structure is completed?) The Chamber of Commerce could hire a van driver, who could serve on Pampas Ricas as a “parking concierge” to help workers get back and forth into the Village.

A CVS Parking Idea

Maybe CVS could offer monthly parking on their under-utilized rooftop park- ing lot, which is generally only full when parents are picking their kids up from Village School or Seven Arrows.

Deer on Temescal

Last week, I was taking a taxi to the airport early in the morning. The driver was going down Temescal Canyon and suddenly had to slam on the brakes. A deer had run right in front of his car. The deer was tapped by the car, stopped for a second and then ran off. We continued to the airport, but I just wanted to warn everyone driving on Temescal Canyon Road to go slow when it’s dark—there are deer that live in the canyon.

Hit-and-Run Driver

On June 24, around 8:30 a.m., I stopped at the service station at the corner of PCH and Sunset. I went in to pay for my gas and a black SUV Mercedes, partial license plate 7S–155, put her car into reverse and hit my driver’s side door, causing extensive damages. An eyewitness states that the female driver was aware of what she had done but just took off. I reported the hit-and-run to the police, but they don’t do anything because it’s a misdemeanor and because I only have a partial plate.

(Editor’s note: If you know the woman driving the black SUV Mercedes or if you are that woman and would like to make this right, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the victim.)

Explosive Nastiness

My young adult daughter was in the crosswalk, walking with the light, crossing Temescal Canyon Road after shopping at the farmers market on Sunday. A man in his 50s wanted to turn right on red off Bowdoin and screamed at my daughter, because he didn’t want to wait for her to finish crossing. He should be ashamed about the vulgar language he used in public. This is the kind of explosive nastiness that we don’t need in the Palisades, a family town.


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