Heard About Town: What Happened to PaliHi’s Digital Sign?

Palisades High School Sign

Does anyone know what happened to PaliHi’s digital sign that used to be on the corner of Bowdoin and Temescal Canyon Road?

(Editor’s note: Palisades High Executive Director Pam Magee told the News, “The sign is hanging in the Pali STEAM Shop at the back of campus.” The sign was removed as part of a beautification project at that corner.)

Monument Speedway

Ever since parking was taken out on the west side of Monument (adjacent to Caruso’s construction), the street has become a speedway from Albright to Bashford. There needs to be some traffic enforcement.

Free Seminar at Library

There are so many good free programs at the Palisades Library. On Tuesday, Oct. 25 at 6:30 p.m., there’s going to be a free retirement planning seminar with Kevin Holmes and Brett Ferrante of Waddell & Reed. Maybe your readers will check it out.

All-Pro Will Be Missed

I have vivid memories as a little girl going to the All-Pro store on Via and getting exotic sandwiches you couldn’t find anywhere else—with sprouts and avocado! I was just marveling with my husband that it had managed to be there so long.

(Editor’s note: The store closed the beginning of October.)

Crosswalk Painted

It was nice to see that the city painted the crosswalk at Temescal Canyon Road and Bowdoin in preparation for Caruso’s haul-route trucks. It needed to be done a few years back, but glad they finally got it done for the students.

Polo Match at Will Rogers

I heard that 4,000 people attended annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic at Will Rogers State Park. That’s wonderful that so many people got to appreciate that historic site with an event that Will would have loved.

Woman’s Club Grants

I just applied for a Woman’s Club Grant for this year and I urge other non-profits to do the same. It’s real simple, your organization has to be based in the Palisades and work in the areas of arts, recreation, education and beautification. Applications are due be Nov. 1 and you can find all the information on the website: theppwc.org/Grant-Application.

If you’d like to share something you’ve “heard about town,” please email it to spascoe@palisadesnews.com

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