Heard About Town: Why Not a Trader Joe’s?

Why Not a Trader Joe’s?

Many Palisadians campaigned for a Trader Joe’s in the Caruso Palisades Village project. Instead, we will get Vintage Grocers, which was described by Caruso as an intimate, one-of-a-kind neighborhood market that will have a deli, produce, bakery, gourmet cheese, meat and seafood, wine and spirits, produce and a pizza oven. We already have that with Gelson’s.

Security App on Android

In your last issue, you wrote that an app is available from Gates Security that would alert us to road closures, traffic accidents and other important info in the Palisades. Do you have an Android version?

(Editor’s note: We contacted Gates Chief Technology Officer Kurt Park, who responded, “We do have an Android version: Gates Security Community Alert.” The link on Google Play is play.google.com/store/apps/details?id= com.gatessecurity.alerts&hl=en)

Palisades Plumbing Praised

A water pipe broke in my house and I couldn’t turn off the water, because of a second broken valve. I called Palisades Plumbing around 7:30 a.m. and even though they could not do the repair immediately because they had so many calls, they sent someone to my house to turn off the water (from the street). Later, a plumber came by and did a top-notch job of repairing two pipes. Nice to have a community business like this one.

Monthly Dances Sought

At last week’s dance in Mercer Hall to raise money for the parade committee (PAPA), featuring the Big Band of Barristers, someone remarked that it would be nice if there was a community get-together like this once a month.

Amazon Benefits Post Office

At the Sept. Community Council meeting, L.A. Postmaster General Ken Snavely and Palisades Postmaster Ayesha Denson said that their parcel delivery business is booming because of Amazon. Then, I read how Amazon operates: that people who want to buy something will automatically be steered to Amazon’s own products or the companies that pay them. People should know there may be better bargains if they search a bit more online.


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