Junior Charity League Seeks New Members

The Junior Charity League, a nonprofit, is looking for young women, between the ages of 18 and 45, who have an interest in philanthropic and charitable causes. In an effort to reinstate its presence in the Los Angeles area, the League plans to hold two or three charity events a year, with the goal of increasing its work over the next several years.

The league held its first philanthropic event in September at The Westwood Transitional Village, a residential housing facility that provides support for homeless families to help them stabilize and acquire the skills needed for independent living.

Junior League members spent the morning working with the children on a number of arts and crafts projects.

Members of the Junior Charity League with children of the Westwood Transitional Village.

Pacific Palisades residents Morgan Toland, Lauren Beaver and Rachel Beaver are currently members of the Junior Charity League, whose purpose is to assist the Los Angeles Founder Chapter (National Charity League) in its philanthropic endeavors.

The National Charity League is composed of Patroness and Ticktocker groups. Over the years, the adult Patroness members wished to extend charitable participation opportunities to their daughters, who became known as the Ticktockers.

The Coronet Debutante program was established in 1949 to recognize and celebrate the most dedicated of these young members. The Junior Charity League division was created to provide a means for girls who graduated from the Ticktocker program (but who were too young to participate as Patronessess) to continue to participate in the National Charity League’s activities and philanthropies.

The mission of the National Charity League is to initiate and encourage charitable endeavors and to foster the Mother-Daughter relationship in social, cultural and philanthropic training.

To learn more about the Junior Charity League, contact Katharine Bohlmann at kb16630@yahoo.com or visit nclla.org.

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