LAPD: Beware of Car Cleaning Scam Duo in Pacific Palisades

The following information was supplied on Oct. 12 by LAPD Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore of the West LA Division and posted to our Facebook page:

A homeowner has reported a scam artist working in Pacific Palisades neighborhoods.

On Oct. 9, a person going by the name of Frankie Mitchell, accompanied by a Tiffany John (who hands out “My Self Cleaning” cards with the phone number 657 230-1073), knocked loudly on the front door of a home on Revello Drive at about 5 p.m. The two were driving an old small black car, license plate 7PMS905.

Mitchell told the homeowner that he had just worked on a neighbor’s car up the hill and offered to repair a dent and scratches on the side of the homeowner’s car. 

The homeower agreed and paid Mitchell $750 for an hour’s work in the driveway. Mitchell covered his work with a blue gel and said to leave it on for 24 hours. 

According to Moore, that gel simply covered up the shoddy work Mitchell had done.

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