LAPD Officer Needs Help

On December 12, LAPD Officer Chelico of West LA Division conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle on the 405 Freeway. He had observed a traffic violation in the city limits, but wasn’t able to catch up to the vehicle until that point.

After warning the violator, and walking back to his vehicle, Officer Chelico’s marked patrol vehicle was struck by a suspected drunk driver. He was trapped between his police car and the initial violator’s vehicle.

Responding LAPD Officers used a tourniquet to save Officer Chelico’s life before he was transported to the hospital. The suspected drunk driver who struck him was taken into custody by CHP and booked.

West LA LAPD Officer Chelico

So many of us have been in and out of the UCLA Medical Center the past several days, and Chelico is not only awake, but as upbeat as can be, given the circumstances. He did have a leg amputated, but is eager to make as full a recovery as physically possible, in order to get back to patrolling alongside his fellow officers! He was VERY eager and adamant about pushing through the clear obstacles and making it back to patrol ASAP! That is his motivation, and I/we will support him in any way he needs.

Please keep Officer Chelico, his wife, 3-year-old daughter and family in your thoughts, and if you can donate even a small amount to this GoFundMe cause, ( anything will be very much appreciated. Thank you all for taking the time to read this.

Officer Rusty Redican

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