LAPD West L.A. Division Provides 2016 Pacific Palisades Crime Stats

Michael Moore, the LAPD’s senior lead officer for Pacific Palisades, released the crime statistics comparing 2015 to 2016.

Robberies increased from 9 to 11.

Assault with a deadly weapon went down from 28 to 25.

Burglary was even, 99 incidents in both years.


Grand theft auto went from 18 to 36 this year.

Burglary/theft from vehicle went down from 162 to 155.

Theft went down from 128 to 111.

Moore also told Palisades residents, “I spoke to the burglary detectives regarding the recent residential break-ins affecting our community. They are asking the community to discretely photograph the license plates of vehicles you see as suspicious or unusual in an attempt to reveal the identity of the burglary suspects.

“Please send any photos you take to me via e-mail and I will get it to detectives,” Moore said. “And please avoid any confrontations. I would also like any footage of suspicious persons caught on any home video (, etc.)”

Moore also alerted the community that he has a new email and if you are no longer getting alerts from him, your address may have been lost in the switch over. Please email him at

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