Letter from Consulting Geologist Suggests Friends Street Slide in Pacific Palisades is Reactivated

(Editor’s note: After his March examination of the Earlham site, E.D. Michael sent the following letter to city geotechnical engineer Daniel Schneidereit on April 2.)

Daniel Schneidereit:
I have just completed a preliminary report concerning a proposed development near Slide Area 1 of the original 1959 Moran, Proctor, Mueser & Rutledge study. That slide, commonly referred to as the “Friends Street slide,” originally destroyed several properties along the eastern side of the street.

Subsequently, apparently as part of the filling for the City’s Potrero Canyon Park project, the mass was buttressed to some extent. My work in the area just completed indicates that the mass has reactivated. At the present time, there is a line of en echelon cracks in the pavement of Friends Street crossing it between 15260 and 15263. The orientation is such that it appears they represent the crown of a developing scarp advancing the slide headward to the west and consequently threatening a number of residences along that side of the street.

I strongly advise you to examine this condition; it is conceivable that the movement is in progress at this time. Since a public street is involved, I assume the City Bureau of Engineering also should be informed, a task I leave to you. Also, you may want to contact John Byer of Byer Geotechnical Inc. who was a consultant on the park project.

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