Make the Turn, It’s Legal

While I understand Alisa Bromberg’s reasoning for wanting to wait for a green light before initiating the right turn transitioning from West Channel up Chautauqua (Letters, April 20), the fact remains that it is legal to turn on the red and therefore expected that you will do so.

If it were as dangerous as Ms. Bromberg believes, then there would be a Caltrans sign indicating such, as there is for the “No Right on Red” at Temescal Canyon Road and Sunset, heading east.

If she doesn’t feel safe or want to obey the posted signs, maybe she should find another way into town (Amalfi perhaps, or go right on PCH to Temescal), but holding up traffic and asking others to do the same is no answer. The next person she hears honking will be me.

Michael Harrington

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