Marquez Knolls Street Names

By Michael Edlen 
Special to the Palisades News

(In 1990, Randy and Betty Lou Young published a limited-edition book Street Names of Pacific Palisades & Other Tales. This short series of summaries of these names is based on that book.)

Earl Lachman and his family developed the area north of Marquez Avenue, building more than 300 homes between 1952 and 1962. The area was named for the Marquez family, which had been a grant holder of the Rancho Boca de Santa Monica.

Earl Lachman’s plans were to build a village between Bienveneda and Temescal Canyon, including high-rise apartment buildings, a golf course, riding stables and a hospital. When financing was not obtained for this development, the streets were extended all the way up the hills and hundreds of new homes were built.

Charmel: Named for Charlotte and Mel Lachman, Earl’s brother and his wife.

Donaire: Named for Earl’s accountants, Don McClure and Beverly Aire.

Donna Ynez: Donna is old Spanish or Italian title of respect for woman. Ynez is derived from the patron saint of chastity.

Duende: Lachman meant it to mean “little street,” though in Spanish it means “elf.”

Dulce Santa Ynez: “Sweet Santa Ynez.” El Hito: Named after a Central American mountain the Lachmans enjoyed. It means “the landmark,” but they were told it meant “Little Mister.”

El Oro: “The Gold” in Spanish.

Enchanted Way: Chosen because it sounded nice.

Glenhaven: Chosen because it sounded nice.

Glynn: This was probably selected from a list in the city, and was developed years after Lachman’s homes were built.

Jacon Way: Named for Jack Conway, a movie director who sold the land to Lachman.

Lachman: Named in the memory of Earl’s father.

Linda Terrace: Named for Earl Lachman’s daughter Linda.

Luna Vista: “Moon View” in Spanish.

Merivale: Chosen because it sounded nice. Pequeno: “Little” or “Small” in Spanish. Tellem: Named for Earl’s cousin, Cuz Tellem.

Turquesa: “Turquoise” in Spanish.

Via Floresta: “Way of the Forest” in Spanish.

Via Santa Ynez: “Way of St Agnes” in Spanish.

Vista Grande: “Grand View” in Spanish.

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