MRSA Cases Reported in Venice

A representative of Lava-Mae, the organization providing showers to homeless individuals in Venice, reports that they have seen six of cases of apparent methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), an antibiotic resistant bacteria, in those who have been using Lava-Mae’s showers.

In a neighborhood alert Mark Ryavec, president of Venice Stakeholders Association, and a candidate for Council District 11 said, “We understand that the County Department of Public Health has been contacted about the situation but has not initiated any response. At the first notice of the presence of MRSA, the County Health Department should have instituted ‘best practices’ that are routinely applied in hospitals and locker rooms to contain and eradicate the bacteria.”

Jasmin Mouflard, Lava-Mae’s Los Angeles director, said that they spray the disinfectant Oxivir 516 Concentrate over the shower walls and floor and the nearby ground after each shower use, but do not treat the sidewalk. She said the chemical kills MRSA in five minutes.

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