Near-Tragedy on PCH in Pacific Palisades

Three homeless men were involved in an altercation on Pacific Coast Highway at Sunset Boulevard, in the lot north of Gladstone’s restaurant, around 8 p.m. on Oct. 19.

An eyewitness reported one man on the ground screaming while the other two beat him. The eyewitness tried to call 911, but the operator didn’t respond. The caller watched as the victim tried to escape by running into the southbound lanes of PCH. Traffic slowed in an effort to avoid the men.

Weary of waiting for an operator, the eyewitness hung up and called Palisades Patrol, whose dispatcher quickly called the police. The fight moved to the center-divider of PCH when Palisades Patrol and firefighters from Station 23 arrived, followed shortly by LAPD.

“I really thought they were going to kill the man,” the eyewitness said.

Station 23 transported the victim to the hospital, and another man was initially placed under arrest by LAPD, who said all involved were transients living in the area.

LAPD’s Oct. 28 crime report had no record of the incident. Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore speculated there was no report because the victim either did not file a report or that the person taken into custody was arrested on warrants, which does not require a police report.

The eyewitness stated that “without their [Palisades Patrol] help in summon- ing the police and fire department, that homeless battery victim might be dead.”

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