New Revere Buses Planned for 2017

Last fall, parent-sponsored yellow school buses began serving Pacific Palisades, the Warner Elementary school area and areas of the San Fernando Valley, providing transportation for about 200 students at Paul Revere Middle School.

Parents are paying $1,650 for a school year of busing to and from Revere. The buses are currently at full capacity, but one seat has become available on the West Hollywood/Brentwood/Westchester bus (visit for more information).

Additional buses are planned for the 2017-18 school year and the goal is to increase capacity by 50 percent and accommodate as many students as possible. Registration begins in February for current students, and priority will be given to current riders and incoming siblings. Registration for new sixth-through eighth-grade students will open on March 1.

The Revere Transportation Team, consisting of parents and administrators, also notes that “The Big Blue Bus has been an outstanding partner this year, adding buses as the need arises.” Starting on Jan. 1, the BBB now offers its 30-day Youth Pass for half the regular price (the cost is $19). Parents can purchase passes at

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