Pacific Palisades’ Bruce Schwartz Continues Beautification Work

Bruce Schwartz, president of PRIDE, continued his beautification of Pacific Palisades with the parkway in front of Vons on Sunset, near PCH.

Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness member Patrick Hart told the News, “Bruce tells me he has now tilled 20 bags (about 800 lbs!) of fertilizer into the sandy soil at this once barren and trash strewn bus stop area.”

Schwartz, who also singlehandedly cleaned, weeded and planted the Sunset/ Chautauqua median, which had been uncared for many years, planted hundreds of vinca at this location by the bus stop.

“He claims these plants are so hearty they will be able to sustain and thrive throughout the year. I believe he is trying to get the city to install a sprinkler system here,” Hart said. “Bruce is calling this his HOPE garden and says he is getting positive reviews from all. Go Bruce!”

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