Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Classic Brentwood Diner Closing

Praise for Bruce Schwartz

Bruce Schwartz, a member of Palisades PRIDE, planted petunias in the Sunset median at Chautauqua, and even put up American flags for Memorial Day. That strip looks so colorful as we drive into town, thanks to this volunteer. He sets an example for how one individual can make an impact that benefits the community.

Breaking News Alerts

If something is happening like the recent Las Casas house fires, how do Palisades residents keep updated?

(Editor’s note: If there is a news event that affects our town or an accident that impacts traffic, check our website and our social media.)

How about Brass Bells?

What if, instead of the artificial electronic church bells some of us occasionally hear pealing throughout the land of the Palisades, we heard actual bells ringing? Sort of like waking up early on a frosty morning in Salzburg to the clarion sound of massive brass bells ringing out from a tower? This might be worth looking into.

Brentwood Diner Closing

Oh, no! I’ve heard the classic Early World diner on San Vicente in Brentwood will shut its doors in the next few months. Rick Caruso has bought the property and, as with any ownership change, property taxes have been reassessed. In this case, they’re skyrocketing and the increase apparently is too much for the owners of the restaurant. Sad to see Early World go! It’s been part of the neighborhood forever.

(Editor’s note: This Palisades resident told the News he has been going to Early World since the early 1970s and that the no-frills family restaurant had been paying $6,000 a year in property taxes but is now faced with $30,000 annually. Apparently, it’s common practice for a commercial landlord to pass along property-tax increases to its tenants.)

Don’t Fall for Scams

In Michael Moore’s recent LAPD crime report, I read that the suspect tricked a victim on Via de la Paz into providing $1,950 in gift-card codes after telling the victim that her daughter was in jail. This is a common scam. If your child or grandchild is indeed arrested, he/she is allowed a call. If he/she is truly in prison, then a lawyer should be your first call, not giving money or codes to someone over the phone.


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