Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Coyotes Also Do Good

Nextdoor Lead Selection

I’d like to know who my lead is on Nextdoor Palisades and how they’re chosen.

(Editor’s note: If you go to their website, click on “your neighborhood,” click on “about” and then go to “maintained by” and you can click on your leads. We asked several leads how they were selected, and they had no idea, they just received notification. They also receive no training.)

Palisades Village Park

What happened to the green park that was going to be the center of Caruso’s Palisades Village? With all that wood and steel framing going up, it doesn’t look like there’s much room for the park they showed in the slide shows.

(Editor’s note: We contacted Caruso to ask about the park, and a spokesperson said that it will still be located along Monument. “The restaurant patios fronting the park will spill into the park area which will allow for more al fresco dining, which the community wanted. For comparison, the Palisades Village park area will be larger than the park at The Grove.”)

Repair the Street

I saw that Radcliffe Avenue is on list for city repairs (from Woman’s Club down to Bowdoin). What about also including Haverford, from Temescal Canyon Road to the Woman’s Club? Lots of people turn off Temescal onto Haverford and drive up into the Village to avoid the “No Right Turn on Red” at Sunset.

Making the Deadline

Caruso has long promised that his Palisades Village will open in “late summer 2018,” which gave him a three-month window. The announced date is September 22, and the summer solstice ends on—September 22! Whew.

Senior Living Advocate

I’m all for the proposed assisted-living facility in the Highlands. They say it’s for those older than 62. My mom turns 62 next year and I plan to convince her to live there. A win-win situation. She has friends and someone to cook for her, I take over the house.

Coyotes Also Do Good

In defense of urban coyotes, I read a story in the New York Times which stated “Moreover, biologists say that urban coyotes actually benefit humans by eating rodents like rats, which can spread disease, and by culling feral cats, which prey on songbirds.” The article also quoted a conservationist who noted that “we need to learn how to minimize conflicts [with coyotes] in our cities instead of making things worse.” She pointed to measures like securing garbage cans and keeping dogs on leashes in areas where coyotes may roam.

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