Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Fear of Being Rebuked

Focus on Mentally Ill

I, too, think we should ban many types of guns. But the evil young men who killed 26 people at Sandy Hook and 17 people in Parkland, Florida, were both mentally ill. We need to find those people and help them before they kill. Once guns are gone, those individuals could still find a way to bring bombs in backpacks (like the bomber in Austin).

Rain and a Good Book

When it was raining heavily (March 22), I thought about the “Cat in the Hat” book by Dr. Seuss and how it would have been the perfect day to read it to a kid. Alas, mine are grown now.

Is This Elder Abuse?

I was standing in line behind an elderly woman who was withdrawing a large sum of cash at a local bank. She indicated that it was for a local homeless woman because the woman wouldn’t take a check. This sounds like elder abuse, as discussed at a recent Palisades Senior Alliance meeting.

Groceries to the Homeless

If you think you’re helping the homeless by giving them groceries instead of cash, beware: the minute you leave, they often bring the groceries back into the store and return them for cash, even without a receipt.

Fear of Being Rebuked

The Pacific Palisades Community Council states that it’s a forum for the community, yet often at meetings, when someone in the audience expresses a differing opinion, that person is openly criticized by certain Council members. People should be able to express their views without fearing a public rebuke.

Pacific Palisades Community Council

Blowing in the Wind

A few years ago, tired of the deafening roar and putrid stench of leaf blowers, I asked our gardeners to please use a rake or broom instead. I paid them a bit extra for their time and it’s worked out beautifully. This morning we woke to fresh rain-washed skies and spring blossoms. But suddenly there was a thunderous racket next door with the familiar toxic fumes wafting over the fence. Our neighbor’s gardeners were fouling the air with illegal gas-powered leaf blowers. I propose we all work together to solve this problem. The first step is to simply ask your gardener not to use his horrid blower.


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