Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Kudos to Cafe Vida

Kudos to Cafe Vida

Year after year, I’m always amazed to see how many people in Pacific Palisades are willing to wait in the sun for a table at Cafe Vida on Antioch. Shows you the sustaining power of an excellent menu, overriding a challenging location.

Dangerous Trees on Sunset

The towering eucalyptus trees between Chautauqua and Brooktree hang over Sunset. I know the Councilman’s office has said there’s no money to trim them. But, when one falls on a passing car and injures (or worse) kills someone, the money the city will have to pay out will make tree-trimming seem like pocket change.

Politics Haven’t Changed

You can tell there’s an upcoming election: suddenly, after four years, there are all sorts of things in the city that need to be fixed and the promises to fix them, such as adding more police to the streets. What have our politicians been doing between elections? Will Rogers had it right in 1932, when he wrote: “Politics pretty quiet over the weekend. Democrats are attacking and the Republicans are defending. All the Democrats have to do is promise ‘what they would do if they got in.’ But the Republicans have to promise ‘what they would do’ and then explain why they haven’t already ‘done it.’”

‘Left-Turn Lane’ on Temescal

Is anyone doing anything about trying to add a third left-turn lane onto PCH at the bottom of Temescal? The back-up at certain times of the day is halfway up the canyon. Some people break the law by using the third lane to turn left; if we all could use this lane legally, that would help ease the long wait in line.

(Editor’s note: Several people in town contacted Councilman Mike Bonin’s Mobility Deputy, Jessie Holzer. The News also contacted Caltrans on Feb. 22 about the situation and is waiting for a response. Caltrans has jurisdiction.)

Priority Parking at Starbucks

I’m wondering how I, too, can get the “priority parking” in the red zone on Swarthmore across from the Village Green and next to the Starbucks shop. Yesterday, when I turned left off Sunset onto Swarthmore, two cars were parked next to the curb, one had its flashers going. The second had someone waiting in the car—I assume for a nonfat venti double-shot, extra-hot latte with sugar-free vanilla. I turned right and a third car was parked partially in the crosswalk off Swarthmore and Antioch. Maybe Starbucks should hire carhops.

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