Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Landscaping the Medians

Delighted by Carolers

I was happily surprised by carolers on a recent Monday night. Thank you, Coldwell Banker Singers, for choosing to stop at our house!

Garbage Truck Drivers

Hats off to the garbage truck drivers who must negotiate the narrow streets in our town every week, on our behalf. I admire how they can guide their wide trucks safely down the street between cars parked on both sides, with just inches to spare.

Landscaping the Medians

How fabulous it is to see new landscaping underway on the Sunset medians at Chautauqua. Who pays for this work?

(Editor’s note: The Chautauqua and Marquez Avenue medians were adopted by Palisades PRIDE  from the City of Los Angeles years ago, which means that PRIDE is responsible for planting and upkeep, rather than the City. PRIDE’s team recently finished an attractive project at Marquez, and we are pleased to see the Sunset/Chautauqua medians being completed, too.)

Shout-Out for Task Force

Our town owes a major thank-you to Bruce Schwartz for getting the “no camping in high fire zone” signs installed here. Look at what happened at the Skirball Fire. At least here, we can try to control campfire cooking in brush areas that could easily ignite major fires, such as the one that happened last November on the bluffs at Via las Olas.

(Editor’s note: Schwartz was selected as Citizen of the Year largely for his efforts to acquire the signage and also for his work with PRIDE.)

Red Flag Days

On Red Flag days, there’s no parking on some sides of certain streets in order to allow firetrucks easier access to the hills. I spoke to one of the firefighters at Station 69 and he suggested that if everyone who parks on these narrow streets would pull their car mirror in, this would make it easier for the firemen to drive down the street.

Red Kettle Volunteers

Members of the Pacific Palisades Optimist Club were ringing the bell for the Salvation Army on Friday in front of places like Ralphs, CVS, Bank of America and the post office. Nice to see them trying to help out.


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