Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Let’s Vote on a Substation

Police Car Ticket

I was amused to see that the decoy police car that has been parked along Temescal Canyon Road for a couple of weeks has a ticket on its windshield. I wonder if the dedicated but overzealous parking enforcement officer will be chastised? And will the LAPD pay the fine? Ha!

Advice for Thirsty Trees

After the hot days we’ve had this fall, we have some mighty thirsty trees in every neighborhood. If you give them a nice long soak with a hose in the next week or two, they will reward you with strong healthy roots and beautiful new growth next spring!

Bonin Campaign Material

I received a mailer from Councilman Mike Bonin that appears to be campaign material because the return address says “Paid for by Mike Bonin for City Council 2103 Officeholder Account.” There’s nothing wrong with that, I guess, but the mailer has the incorrect web address for the L.A. Ethics Commission. The correct address is but the mailer has

(Editor’s note: Either one will take you to the Ethics Commission. If you click on “Contributions to Candidates and Officerholders” and type in Bonin’s name, you can see who contributed to his last campaign.)

Let’s Be Realistic

I agree with the woman who wrote the Letter to the Editor in your November 1 issue (“Excited about Caruso Project”). This is an exciting project, but I think we have to be realistic. I don’t think it’s going to solve all of our town’s problems, and might even add to the traffic issues.

Holiday Shopping Idea

I know a lot of people start looking for gifts for Christmas and Hanukkah in November, so here’s a thought: Why not buy two of some things and donate one of each to a church or synagogue or to a charity? Help spread the holiday spirit.

Let’s Vote on a Substation

Councilman Mike Bonin should allow all residents in Pacific Palisades to vote on whether we want more ugly pole-top distribution stations or the long-promised new substation on the west side of town. With all the construction and technological advances now available, the substation would be state-of-the-art in terms of safety measures. A select few residents shouldn’t be able to make this decision for the entire community.


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