Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Mega-Monster House

Parrots Are Back

The Pacific Palisades “Flock-O-Squawking Parrots” are back! I just saw them chase some resting crows out of a tree.

Obscured Stop Signs

Tree branches are hanging over Stop signs at intersections in the Alphabet Streets. I’ve complained to Councilman Bonin’s office, who directed me to the city’s Urban Forestry department, but yet, nothing has happened. If there is an accident, the city will be liable since they have had notice.

Bogus Credit Card Call

I didn’t pick up a call on my cell phone and noticed the number was from Minnesota. When I played the message back, I was told to call the number because it was a fraud alert for my credit card. Instead of calling that number, I called the 800 number on the back of my card and they told me there was no problem. The people at the credit card company said it sounded like a fraud. Beware.

Mega-Monster House

Someone is building a gigantic, monster of a house below Paseo Miramar. It looks like an elementary school building with its rectangular shape and cement blocks. At first I thought it was an apartment building, but a neighbor said it’s a single-family residence. I know there’s nothing we can do about the situation, except express outrage at such excess.

Bless John Steadman

I saw local resident John Steadman, who was responsible for cleaning up the streets around Palisades Elementary, stacking palm fronds on Swarthmore. He’s retired and has no children at the school, but he’s a nice man and a dedicated volunteer. If you see him, be sure to say “Thanks.”

Steam Cleaning

I like that the Chamber of Commerce power-washed the sidewalks in front of their building on Antioch and that Elyse Walker did the same. Then I heard it’s against the law because of the drought. I think this kind of hosing would make the town more sanitary because dogs are constantly using corners of the sidewalks for bathrooms.

Polluting Cars

I’ve noticed a couple of old, smog-producing cars driving around the neighborhood. Doesn’t the state have some sort of cash program to get rid of those cars by offering those owners a trade-in?


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