Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Misleading Building Sign

Misleading Building Sign

I have just heard the first reference of the 881 Alma Real building as the “Post” building. It was someone new to town, and I made sure he was referring to the place “next to the library.” With the bright, glaring Palisadian-Post signage on two sides, even though the newspaper’s office occupies only a small space there, it comes to this: an egregious ego-spurred misrepresentation.

Palisadian-Post’s new signs.

No More ‘Oil Derricks’

We need a second DWP power substation in our town because once again the power went out in our neighborhood last week. We do NOT need any more of those oil derricks [pole-top distribution stations] in our town.

Rotary Makes Donation

The Pacific Palisades Rotary Club donated $200 to Theatre Palisades to be used towards their new landscaping. Way to go, Rotary!

Fake Service Animal

I saw a dog in one of our grocery stores and reported the owner to the manager, who said, “We don’t want to deal with the woman.” My response should have been, “What about your other customers, who don’t appreciate seeing these dogs in the store?” I think people would support strong action.

‘Cat in the Hat’

Regarding “Rain and a Good Book” (April 4) and the person lamenting no longer having children to read Dr. Seuss to, a children’s-book editor once told me that a good children’s book is just as enjoyable for an adult. I’d say Dr. Seuss is the best example of that. Read on, grownups!

Supporting Our YMCA

All around the country there are YMCAs that have lovely facilities. Wouldn’t it be nice if maybe the American Legion could help the Y build a nice, updated facility for the community on Via de la Paz? The existing YMCA is the center of town for many people who don’t want to drive far and maybe can’t afford to get their exercise at a high-priced health club.

Legal to Park City Streets

In recent weeks, serveral notes have been placed on my windshield from homeowners on Via de la Paz, saying I cannot park in front of their homes. One homeowner said they owned several cars and needed all the spaces in front of their home. Another said they were going to have my vehicle towed. Legally, you can park your car on any street in Pacific Palisades for 72 hours. I think these homeowners need to re-think their position.

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