Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: No Pets in Stores

Alcohol Advice

Palisades Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore wrote in his crime report: “On March 18, a 37-year-old male was arrested for DUI after the fire department investigated the suspect found passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle at Sunset Boulevard and Pacific Coast Highway.” Lesson learned: if you are going to pass out in your car, do it in the back seat.

Shout-out to YMCA

YMCA director Jim Kirtley, was up in the tall trees on the Village Green (on March 20), helping to take the yarn bombing down. Not only did they sponsor Michelle Villemaire’s art installation, but they also pitched in and helped!!

Explain it to Me

Now when I go to the grocery store and I forget my bag, I can buy either a plastic or paper bag. Before the plastic bag ban passed, the grocery store gave me either a plastic or a paper bag. The only difference I can see now is I have to pay the grocery store for the same bag they used to give away. Exactly how is my paying for a bag saving the environment?

Remember When?

Some of us remember a time when our town had seven gas stations and two banks. Things do change. Today we have two gas stations and seven banks.

Will Rogers Run

I heard that the Palisades Will Rogers 5 & 10K Run will have discounted rates this year.

(Editor’s note: True. We spoke to Brian Shea, who has been the race organizer for 40 years. In order to celebrate the 40th an- niversary of the run, those registering early (starting in April), the cost is $40. The Kids Fun Run early registration will be $20. Visit:

No Pets in Stores

I want to publicly NOT apologize to the dog I kicked in Ralphs on March 20. The dog was not labeled a service dog and when I questioned the owner about it, she just smirked and laughed as if she was above the law. Well it IS against state law to bring a non-service animal in close contact with food items. When I was leaving the self-checkout aisle and the large brown dog nipped at my leg, my swift kick to the dog’s chest was indeed intentional.


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