Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Parked Police Car

Extra Christmas Trees

I wonder what the local YMCA does with the extra Christmas trees they don’t sell.

(Editor’s note: Palisades-Malibu YMCA acting interim Executive Director James Kirtley said that on Dec. 22, they took them to a church to give to families in need.)

Parked Police Car

Last week we started noticing a police car parked in front of a house on Chautauqua, near Sunset, and it was there for days. Other people noticed that there was never a cop inside—it seems to be an obvious decoy.

(Editor’s note: We contacted LAPD’s Michael Moore and he confirmed that it was a decoy placed there as result of the recent increase in residential burglaries in Pacific Palisades.)

Deer on the Hill

When I walk up Temescal Canyon Road at dusk, I see four deer grazing on the hillides above the playground. I love watching them. Please everyone, remember there’s wildlife everywhere in our town—another reason to drive carefully.

Billboards on Sunset

I thought it was against the Palisades Specific Plan to have billboards in town. I went to the document, which is posted online (, under governing documents) and it said the following is prohibited: off-site commercial signs, roof signs, window signs, animated signs— including flashing neon, bench signs and pole signs and monument signs (which had some restrictions). Your readers might want to check it out.

Construction on Temescal

The city has been digging again on the east side of Temescal Canyon Road and put up K-rail dividers. What’s going on there?

(Editor’s note: Kendrick Okuda, manager of the L.A. Bureau of Engineering Proposition Implementation program, told the Pacific Palisades Community Council on Aug. 25 that an irrigation system, utilizing the water in the stormwater tank under the playground, was being constructed. Additionally, a new water-treatment building will be built behind the existing restrooms. Construction will take about a year.)


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