Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Power Outage Woes

See’s Candy Coming?

One of the buildings shown on the Rick Caruso billboards along Sunset looks like a See’s Candy. Does he plan to have one in his new development? It would be wonderful!

(Editor’s note: We checked with Caruso spokesperson Liz Jaeger, who replied: “We love the thinking, but we cannot confirm any new leases for Palisades Village at this time. Stay tuned for tenant announcements in 2017.)

Spirits Lifted by Tree

I love seeing the lit-up Christmas tree every time I drive up Temescal Canyon Road. Whoever puts it up every year, thank you.

Power Outage Woes

I’m curious if you are investigating the power outage in Castellammare last Friday that lasted until Saturday afternoon, and reportedly affected about 1,100 homes. This keeps happening in Pacific Palisades.

(Editor’s note: The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has repeatedly warned that the electrical distribution station on Via de la Paz, built in 1937, is not adequate to provide reliable power to this community. Two pole-top distribution stations are currently being erected [on Temescal Canyon Road and on Sunset across from western Marquez Avenue], with more likely, according to the DWP. This is to supply the area west of Temescal Canyon to PCH.)

Upset by Power Outages

These power outages are dangerous for many people. My elderly neighbor has pneumonia and could not use her humidifier as per doctor’s orders. We also have to deal with terrible inconveniences when the power goes out for an extended time. We need to come together on this and have a new power distribution station built.

Pot Statement Is Absurd

The Dec. 7 Heard about Town item, “Pot Drivers Are a Hazard,” was totally uninformed. Driving slow is dangerous, there is no argument there. However, to infer that the driver was driving while impaired by a specific drug simply because “he was a guy in his 20s, really ‘relaxed looking,’ both hands on the steering wheel” is completely ridiculous. Had there been a strong odor of marijuana, or a pipe in his hands, or smoke billowing from the car, I would have no issue with what was written, as driving while impaired is never justifiable.


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