Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: The Scoop about Ice Cream

The Scoop about Ice Cream

I attended the groundbreaking for Caruso Affiliated’s Palisades Village and Rick Caruso once again mentioned the ice cream store and how he was going to bring it back. News flash: Sweet Rose Creamery opened on Monument in August 2015, kitty-corner to his development, and it has the best ice cream. In addition to the standard flavors, they have unusual seasonal ones like brown sugar pecan and apple pie. Someone should tell Mr. Caruso we don’t need another ice cream store.

Digging on Temescal

Last week I noticed active construction along the south side of Temescal for a long stretch. Is the city laying a new sewer line? Or maybe they’re building a bike lane, without having to go through all those public hearings?!

(Editor’s note: A Prop O project was begun in 2011 to clean and reuse stormwater runoff in Temescal Canyon Park. After a two-year delay, it has resumed. As part of the project a submersible pump will be installed to take water out of the existing 1.25-million gallon tank (located below the playground), to be used as potable water for irrigation. A new irrigation line will be laid on the east side of Temescal Canyon Road and five trees will be planted. The entire story, “Prop O Project to Resume on Temescal,” can be read in the Sept. 4, 2016 issue of the Palisades News.)

Time to Plant a Tree

As we all pick ourselves up and try to recover from this bruising election, consider engaging in the hopeful action of planting a tree in your garden. Los Angeles Department of Water and Power offers free trees at This is the perfect time of year to plant California natives, and the coast live oak (Quercus agrifolia) is a beautiful choice: drought tolerant, fire resistant, and green all year long. Onward and upward!

Girdles Should Return

In the 1960s, women wore girdles. I remember my mom pulling it up over legs and hips. It squeezed all the fat and gave her a seemless, sleek look (I have no idea where the fat went). I’m just thinking: I’m tired of exercising and trying to get flat abs. Why don’t we bring girdles back?

Happy for the Incline

What a relief to finally have the new and improved California Incline back. It’s a temporary pain to have to deal with the signal on PCH, but uplifting to once again catch that view of Santa Monica Bay as you begin your descent from Ocean Avenue. And isn’t it nice that we no longer have any sewer construction along PCH?

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