Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: View Caruso’s Excavation

View Caruso’s Excavation

If you want an amazing view of the digging for the Palisades Village parking structure and watching the trucks go in and out, go to the sidewalk next to Fahi’s Skin Care on Sunset and look through the screens there. It’s just incredible how deep the hole is and how far along the workers are, even with all the rain.

No More Political Flyers

My friends and I are upset about all the political flyers that have been littering our mailboxes for the past month. In November, I’m going to keep track of who sends the most and then automatically vote for their opponent (who likely is not as rich and is more environmentally astute).

No Voter Parking

I just went to vote at the Pacific Palisades Recreation Center and there was no parking set aside for voters at that voting location in Pacific Palisades. I had to park in a staff parking space. While I was walking to the polling location I saw two cars of frustrated potential voters who indicated to me that they were not going to vote because of the lack of parking.

No Right Turn on Red

I cringe when I see a driver ignore the two warning signs not to turn right off Temescal Canyon Road onto Sunset on a red light. The signs are there for a reason: eastbound drivers have a blind spot as they approach that intersection, so the LADOT wants to prevent accidents.

Dangerous Haul Trucks

I’m a careful, 88-year-old driver, but those long dirt-hauling trucks operating on Sunset Boulevard are scary when I’m driving. I know people will say, “Well, that old lady shouldn’t be driving.” But I was driving on this road before the construction trucks and I never had a problem.

Trees Tumbling Down

On PCH between Potrero Canyon and Chautauqua, just across from Tower 15, several huge trees have tipped over and are just lying on the ground, close to the highway. Will somebody, some day, chop them up and haul them away?

Six Little Deer

I saw six little deer on the east side of Temescal Canyon Road when I went walking last week around 5 p.m. Please know there are wildlife along that road and don’t drive on that street like it’s the Indianapolis 500.

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