Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Wood Dumping Continues

Solar Panels Requested

If Mayor Garcetti and Councilman Mike Bonin are truly interested in environmental issues, they would require any new single-family residence that is bigger than 3,000 sq. ft. (which is almost every new home in Pacific Palisades) to have solar panels. Developers are making millions and they should be required to make these homes energy-efficient.

Wood Dumping Warning

The wood dumping continues along Temescal. If those trees that were cut down have the beetle [polyphagous shot hole borer] and you bring that wood home you could potentially put all of your trees in danger.

(Editor’s note: We ran a story about the beetle in the May Homes and Gardens supplement.)

Kudos for College Center

The Palisades High School College Center held a college fair and the gym was packed with college representatives. My daughter realized there are many excellent schools to investigate beyond the UC and Ivy League colleges. She even talked to someone from a college in Ireland—but I don’t want her to go so far away.

Homeless vs. Mentally Ill

I don’t know why everyone keeps ignoring the elephant in the room. We can help all the homeless we want, but we have to address those who are mentally ill. If you put the mentally ill in a shelter and they don’t take their medication, they’re back on the streets. What are we going to do about the mentally ill?

Sweet Rose Creamery

My favorite flavors at Sweet Rose are either sweet corn or rum raisin. Unfortunately, they’re seasonal and I can’t have them year round. So I guess it means I have to try a new flavor or just stick with vanilla, which is sooo tasty.

Dog Park

What’s happening with the Palisades dog park? Or is this going to be like Potrero Canyon? We get updates every few years, but basically nothing happens.

(Editor’s note: There was an update at the Park Advisory Meeting on Oct. 18.)


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