Pacific Palisades Rain Report Late December 2016

The week of Dec. 23 saw more rainfall for the drought-stricken Pacific Palisades. Rainmeister Carol Leacock and her deputy, Ted Mackie, reported that 2.54 inches of rain fell in the official county rain gauge at their home on Bienveneda.

This brought our season total to 5.55 inches, which is well ahead the normal 3.56 inches of rain.

Another .30 inch of rain fell early Dec. 30, followed by Saturday’s storm. As we completed this issue, weather forecasters were predicting more rain this week. Maybe we will indeed have a long, wet winter. The most rain recorded in the Palisades since 1942 was 42.60 inches in 1997-98. The driest year was 4.11 inches in 2006-07.

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