Palisades News Letters: Can’t Wait for the Cinema

Recently, the City of Malibu was hit with a loss to their community when the Malibu Cinemas closed. Many in our neighboring city feel this is a setback as people have shared with me that all great communities have a movie theatre.

In 1979, the Bay Twin Cinemas closed, and it was a setback for Pacific Palisades. I was there that last night serving popcorn and soda as a young man. The sadness of losing the Bay was real for our town. For nearly 40 years we have been without an outlet to enjoy films, many of which are produced by, directed by and feature members of our town.

My excitement is brimming now, as I see the walls and foundations for our new Bay Theatre coming out of the ground. Multiple screens for kids to enjoy films of one genre while a film of another genre screens for adults in an adjacent cinema. How wonderful! We will once again have a place to enjoy an industry product that is thriving from our community center. Fresh popped popcorn and a cool beverage with a movie will follow a fine dinner in our Palisades Village.

Newly redesigned Bay Theater for Rick Caruso’s Palisades Village development. Credit: Caruso Affiliated

Maybe the Caruso Organization will create a segue for us and show the last four films of the old Bay followed by four new films on opening night. I’ll be happy to serve some popcorn!

Thanks to Rick Caruso and Company for bringing us back home to Pacific Palisades for the movies!!! I can’t wait! What day will the doors open??

Sam Laganà

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